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Easter legends

When Jesus Christ was crucified, his enemies pelted him with eggs, and God’s will, they turned into red eggs, once touched the body. In honor of the miracle people began to paint Easter eggs red.

Another legend says that when the crucified Christ on the cross, a hen came and laid an egg under it. His blood ran down on egg and colored red. Here comes the custom first egg is painted red and the oldest woman in the family to take the first red egg and it drew a cross on the foreheads of children’s health, then I bury in the field of fertility, or just keeps and after a year’s time to break him and his guess for next year.

There are other legends: that Mary Magdalene brought the Roman Emperor Tiberius red egg with the words Christ is risen! and told him about the resurrection of Jesus.

Fourth legend says that the Virgin Mary had tried to bribe executioners of Jesus with a basket of eggs, not to be cruel to him. A tear from her eyes fell on the eggs and they are dyed in wonderful colors.

Five piecing legend that when Mary Magdalene went to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body with fragrant oils, eggs, who wore lunch, shining in all colors of the rainbow.

Today the egg is a religious symbol, woven into our everyday life. Some Christians see it as the epitome of the cave tomb of Christ, whose stone he rolled away, and the color red as a symbol of the blood of Jesus, the blue color of chastity, purple cross, the green color of Jesus’ disciples, and yellow as a symbol of God .

Our grandmothers were good chemists and mined colorful dyes from herbs. Oregano was equal to red, green nettle, walnuts yellow and orange Cotinus coggygria.
Traditionally, eggs are dyed on Thursday before Easter. If not then smognem, in extreme cases Saturday morning before Easter.

Easter egg the strongest that survive the battle, calling his fighter or Boracay. it is kept.

It seems that wooden eggs have always been, until chocolate is blowing in the late 18th century. For those where profess the religion of humanity and care of the animals, chocolate egg is a civilized replacement of hen egg. Plastic and kitsch are born only in the last century, around 1960.

The most traditional way of writing egg on our lands with wax. First nasharva egg with candle until then painted. Where Leftover wax, the paint catches and painted eggs once dry are rubbing with a cotton cloth soaked in oil. Eggs shine beautifully, but this procedure has another sub-idea – that sealed the pores of the shells and colored eggs last longer.

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