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Summer makeup
Makeup is easily blurred in the summer and instead makes us more beautiful, in some cases even rumbles. That's why summer makeup should be light and measured.

What should be the summer makeup

The purpose of each makeup is, in principle, to emphasize female beauty and conceal some imperfections. Summer, however, and the accompanying heat is a season that is an enemy of makeup, so we need to be very careful. Minimizing make-up during the summer is a must for looking good and not having to remove the mirror continuously and check that it is not smeared. There is nothing more ugly than smeared makeup, and that’s what we should not allow.

The sensible summer makeup is the one that is so laid, the child emphasizes the features of the face and at the same time almost does not appear. This is not an easy task, especially if you have used a much stronger and more bright makeup until recently. Self-perception often hinders rational behavior during make-up during the summer months. The habit of making a lot of make-up by the time makes it difficult to switch to a lighter version, and this often plays a bad joke for most women.

It is good to pre-prepare mentally that strong makeup is not suitable for the heat and to take care of our skin early. In the first spring months, when we need to control the extra pounds in winter, think about your skin. A diet rich in vitamins and many liquids is appropriate. It reflects very favorably on the line and on the skin of the skin. The body is cleared of heavy foods in the winter, and if more water is taken, it becomes much faster and more efficient. It is good to drink mineral water seasoned with lemon juice. Forget fried foods and strong caffeinated beverages for at least 1-2 months. Stop the sweets for this period to clear the skin from imperfections and pimples.

There is no way out. The tan after such measures becomes even, the skin with a fresher look, the extra pounds melt.

For many young women these measures are enough to look good and do not need makeup at all. If you still think that this is not enough for you and you do not like it without any make-up, you can use a very light one that emphasizes the eyes and lips, but does not overdo it.

For summer, the most suited tones are creams that give a good, even tan to the skin while moisturizing it. It is advisable to have a sun protection factor. Use a corrector only if it is absolutely necessary to conceal dark circles under the eyes.

Lipstick or gloss should be light and light in color. Gently pink and coral are the best colors for the summer. It is a good idea to outline your lips and then fill with a suitable brush. With a napkin, absorb the excess amount to achieve a more lasting effect. Additionally, you can put light gloss on a larger volume.

Eyes with light makeup
Sometimes the use of a spiral only seems quite natural

Eyes are the most important part of make-up. The best solution for summer eye makeup is water-resistant, which gives expression to the eyes, but cleaning it in the evening is a must, and not very easy. Placing a spiral has a technique to look good and naturally highlight the eyes.

Applying a spiral
Applying a spiral has a technique to make the eye look natural

The application should be in two stages. The first coat is applied and then the lashes are brushed with a dry brush. Wait to dry and then apply the second layer, then also brush your lashes. So, the eyes will naturally be beautiful without worrying about blurring makeup.

In case you are dressed in brighter colors, it is appropriate to draw your eyes with a colored pencil suitable for the toilet. The light patterning of the eye with pearl blue or green, and perhaps another color chosen depending on the color of the toilet, gives you a very nice and fresh look, but you always have a mirror at hand and, if it is lightly smeared, handle it.

Permanent make up
Permanent makeup is a step you should consider very well before you decide on it

Recently, the so-called permanent make-up, which is very suitable for the summer, is becoming increasingly popular. It is a cosmetic tattoo with mineral dyes that penetrate the surface layers of the epidermis. In this way, reinforcement of the color of the lips and eyebrows is achieved, but durability is prolonged and if the permanent makeup is not successful, it becomes a problem that is difficult to correct.

The summers are getting hotter and if we want to be beautiful and with a perfect summer makeup, we just do not have to overdo it. Even if you are accustomed to more color on your face, you will only need a week in front of the mirror to come to the conclusion that with light mild makeup you are just as beautiful, and maybe even more.

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