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Bedroom Stone Accent Wall
Bedroom with Stone Wall

Stone Accents in the Bedroom – Ideas and Tips

It is well known that one of the easiest and most popular ways to emphasize the style of your home is with stone accents. But is this a proper option for a bedroom?

If this question had been asked some time ago, the predominant answers would have been negative. But today a stone accent in the bedroom is a successful interior solution, which has been gaining popularity.

In fact, accents with natural or manufactured stone decoration entered the interior of modern homes quite rapidly. The preferences are mostly on stone decoration in the living room, the hallway or the kitchen, but nowadays the bedroom is no exception to this trend.

Stone cladding in the bedroom – is it a return to nature or is it a pursuit of uniqueness? Both options could be accepted as an answer, but the second one seems to be the more correct one. In search of something different to highlight your individuality, you often can find the answer in the furnishing and decoration of your bedroom.

Because this room is not just a place where you only sleep!

The bedroom is an extremely important room in the home – and whether you will be able to sleep peacefully and wake up in a good mood in the morning depends on its furnishing and arrangement. However, often – due to the fact that “we only sleep there” – the bedroom is slightly neglected. So take the time to create a stylish and functional room in which to wake up every day with a smile.

When it comes to style and manifestation of personality in the bedroom, here is the place to have in mind the decorative stone veneer. We are far from thinking that all the walls in the bedroom can be completely cladded with stone – after all, the times of caves are thousands of years ago. It is usually more of a question of partial cladding of one of the walls, mostly with manufactured stone, but if possible and desired, a natural stone would also find application.

Since bedrooms usually do not have a large area, the choice where to use stone veneer falls mostly on two of the walls – the one behind the headboard of the bed, or the opposite one. When choosing to place a decorative stone veneer in the bedroom, it is not necessary to clad the entire wall with stone – decorating only part of it also creates an original accent by forming a kind of panel.

To look really impressive, the walls with stone decoration need to be highlighted with the help of proper lighting. Discrete light sources will not only add to the elegance of the room, but will also create a cozy and intimate atmosphere

If you can not or do not want to invest money and time in purchase and installation of stone veneer, there is also another option, which is much more cost-effective, easier and cleaner – and can be easily replaced, when you get bored of it. These are the photo wallpapers with images of stones or bricks. Modern models look so authentic that they are able to confuse the eye, at least until you touch them with your hand.

There are also many other options for decorating the walls in the bedroom, but the one with stone has definitely become a favorite of architects, designers and house owners, when they want something unique in the interior.

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