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Sex of the child and what does it depend on

The issue of selection of the sex of the child is excited mankind for centuries and was the occasion of wars and disasters. Nowadays he finally emerges from the field of mysticism and builds on the scientific foundation. Long methods for selecting the sex of the child by separate sperm storage and under the influence of electric current during intercourse are not valid. Current methods range from preimplantation diagnosis of sex of an embryo – method with 100% success rate to a column fractionation of the sperm, in which the probability of the desired sex and 60 to 40 percent.

Upon implantation diagnostics take one cell from an embryo 2 to 5 days after fertilization, which was subjected to genetic analysis and gender determination. The disadvantage of this method is that it can be applied only in women after in vitro fertilization, ie the woman should be accomplished controlled ovarian hyperstimulation in hormonal preparations, followed by aspiration of yaytsekletkite- an invasive method associated with risks and medical complications. After determining the sex of embryos those with the desired sex be returned to the uterine cavity with the catheter.

In the column fractionation step of the sperm using the weight difference of those containing X or Y chromosome. As is known, Y chromosome has occurred evolution of the X chromosome through loss of genetic material and thus is lighter. The difference however is minimal and can not give complete separation of sperm with one or the other chromosome / still talking about tens of millions of cells /.

At fertilization of an ovum / X / of sperm, winner of the X chromosome, develop fruit with female / X X /.

At fertilization of an ovum / X / of sperm, winner of a Y chromosome, develop fruit with male / Y X /.

It is assumed that after 10 million years progressive loss of genetic material from the Y chromosome will lead to its extinction, respectively, men would disappear in the form in which we know them. After separation of supposedly “male” or “female” sperm takes place intrauterine insemenatsiya.

It is possible to determine the sex of the child and after the occurrence of pregnancy invasive methods of prenatal / before birth / diagnosis – amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling.

Before that will select the sex of the fetus, it is appropriate to answer the question what aim with this. Is it just a fad, or there are medical indications. Although this issue is not addressed in the Bulgarian law and medical ethics should be limited selection of children desired sex. In hereditary diseases related to sex, such selection is admissible and justified. But to choose the sex of their child just because we want it to be a boy or girl is unjustified.

Since prenatal sex selection of children in some countries such as Georgia, Albania, Armenia and Azerbaijan already has a tendency to alarming proportions Assembly / Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe / recommended in all Member States of the Council of Europe to introduce legislation that would prohibit selection of sex. Abortion based on sex can be considered legitimate only if it is made to avoid hereditary diseases.

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