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Can the air conditioner affect throat and nose?

Air conditioners provide comfort at home, at work or while traveling by car, but you should know that creating a position for a negative impact on respiratory patishta.S to save heat housing is sealed with sealing doors and windows, which prevents natural exchange of indoor air.

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New Fashion – hybrid home heating

The hybrid heating system is a new fashion, which increasingly often written in newspapers and spisaniya..Hibridnata heating system operates economically, efficiently and ekologichno.Mnogo property owners get confused with so many different heating systems that actually They are well below the hybrid heating ...

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Small home?

Did you know that over 50% of the purchased homes are two-ie in the absence of means optimum opportunity and most - is easily accessible studios, which inevitably confronts us with the difficult task to master any free space for the collection of all household stuff, and this would doubtless We will accumulate later.

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