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Small home?

Did you know that over 50% of the purchased homes are two-ie in the absence of means optimum opportunity and most – is easily accessible studios, which inevitably confronts us with the difficult task to master any free space for the collection of all household stuff, and this would doubtless We will accumulate later. It is clear that the rooms will be bright range can not say categorically “white” providing a spaciousness of the room and the visual trickery of the eye that our room is more than 20 square meters But everyone excited owner of a new apartment, although not so spacious wants to have uniqueness in color and creativity. This course is achievable with light accents in the form of extraction is already very popular graphic foils for decorating or design a personal idea on the wall, who personally recommend you before this sketch if you’re not convinced’s idea, or just to combine paint with wallpaper. The market has a wide range of interesting wallpaper, embossed or very simple, which can decorate themselves with improvised means, uniqueness is guaranteed! Imagine seascape, sand and real seashells glued on your wall – irreplaceable.

Use a combination of colors, they will give tone and creator unique feeling that you are in their “water.” By – interestingly organize his one room as a place for recreation, bed room (we mean necessarily “bedroom” Yet who wants to spend their nights on uncomfortable folding sofa leading to distortion and discomfort morning that you never blinked) and nursery, what is a home without children hysterical screaming and chaos.

Here version: “bedroom drawer!” You’ve seen those children’s beds with drawers underneath creating iliyuziyata that there would organize clothes for example, but it’s actually the second bed to pull when needed and then to store during daylight hours. Well it is evening will pull your bedroom from under the stage on which to place a small sofa, perhaps no more than two personas and a small table where you put a cup of coffee. The child will sleep on a bunk bed mounted on the wall just above yours, and the remaining space will be free to play. You can spend some of your evenings in strange light on the soft pillows on the floor – a lovely intimate atmosphere don’t you think ?!

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