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Въпроси при интервю за работа
Въпроси при интервю за работа

Job Interview – leading questions

In this direction, to get a feel for things of interest to them and to lull the attention of the interviewees, they often ask questions whose purpose is quite different from the first glance. Here are some such issues, according to experts cited by financial magazine Forbes.

1. than time not working and how many employees were laid off with you?

This question could easily be followed by “why you were shortened.” Its aim is for the interviewer to understand whether the company is deprived of the services you for reasons that lie within you. Instead approaches emotionally and is dropped to give information that can reduce your chances of being hired experts advise to approach more diplomatically with an answer like “I do not know why they had shortened was an excellent officer …”.

2. How do you manage to go to job interviews when you work now?

The purpose of this question is to see if “truancy” in the workplace, something which will automatically be transferred, he would do on his new job. You can tell that rarely go on interviews and only those that meet your requirements perfectly, as this use your free personal time.

3. How are you prepared for this interview?

In fact, the real purpose of this question is for the interviewer to understand how much you are motivated and want to get a place. Show your knowledge of the industry and the company you want to work.

4. Do you know someone who works for us?

If you know someone from your company, consider first whether it is worth to mention it. His reputation in the company will automatically be passed on to you, not to prevent potential hire you, it should not be bad.

5. Where indeed would you like to work?

The aim here is to assess whether you are applying for every available ad, or you have specific goals, desires and motivation.

6. What are the disadvantages of your current employers and colleagues?

Do not release the negative comments, either for your current employer or for your colleagues. This will look like a confrontational personality, your attitude about previous employers and colleagues presumption will be extended to your future in this new company.

7. Can you describe a situation where you have fixed a working problem?

This is a standard question, which aims to be assessed how fast you can think. For it is better to have prepared certain answer to this question instead of saying “I can’t remember” or “I have not encountered problems in my work.”

8. Can you describe your work situation that you were wrong?

This is not the time to specify your biggest failure. To share and minimal significant error is not the best option. The purpose is to assess what is your opinion and you work and how you charge. Another goal is to see if you have taken a lesson from what happened.

9. How to collate job you are applying for the others, which go to interviews?

The purpose of the question is to compare the competitive environment with other items offered by other companies, and to assess what and how much is needed to be attracted to work in the company.

10. If you win the lottery will you continue to work?

Another way to gauge motivation and your desire to work, and whether you take it as fun, or as a liability.

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