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Vitamins sometimes can be harmful

The use of vitamins without prescription for prevention purposes can lead to Hypervitaminosis

Very often mothers of young children provide a variety of vitamins to children recommended on the playground. They all believe that giving vitamins is always healthy and beneficial for children and their immune system. We should know, however, that their uncontrolled intake is not healthy. There are possible toxic effects, especially in pregnancy.

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Television and our children

Деца гледат телевизия

Most children begin to stand in front of the TV very early hours, which gives a great impact on their neuro-psychological development and is accompanied by side effects such as sleep disturbances, nightmares and nervousness. Whims that often show children and their intensity can result ...

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Hardening of toddler

What should I do to enable children to cope with climate change around them and grow healthy, lively and cheerful? If you want to protect your child from colds zabolyavanie, the best option is through hardening.

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