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Cosmetic recipe with chocolate

Chocolate can be used for many other things besides supplying delight the palate. For it is known that rejuvenates the skin and gives everything you need to look perfect. Dark chocolate is unsurpassed antioxidant and is extremely useful for the skin. Cocoa beans consists of approximately 55% oil, which is brown and chocolate flavor. Cocoa butter is rich in vitamin E and C, and essential fatty acids (stearic, palmitic, oleic, linoleic), which facilitates the recovery of the cell membrane and the retention of moisture in the skin. Cocoa butter contains polyphenols – substances with strong antioxidant – so cocoa butter helps reduce stress and prevent wrinkles.

Beauty salons do not bypass these facts, offering a variety of chocolate treatments for the face and whole body. Chocolate mask removes pigment spots and smoothes fine lines.

It is necessary to prepare:

But make sure that you buy quality products.
½ k.ch. cocoa powder (if you can find granular, it would be even better)
4 tsp oatmeal
½ cup honey
4 tablespoons cream

Preparation and application of the mask:

Take a medium bowl and start to mix in cocoa and oatmeal. Then add honey and cream. Keep stirring with a wooden spoon until the mixture becomes smooth. Make sure the texture of the mask is thick enough.

Изливане на течен шоколад

And your chocolate face mask is ready! Start by applying small amounts of the home face mask by gently spread the and avoiding the eye area. Massage gently with circular movements to enable granular cocoa and oatmeal to do a good job – to exfoliate the skin.

Жена намазана с шоколад, която яде шоколад.

Do not overdo the amount that you apply on your face in order not to split or leak. If the mixture seems too thick Well, add a little more cream.

Leave the mask to act for 20-30 minutes. Chocolate will penetrate into the pores and cleanse the skin and oatmeal will help remove dead skin cells. The mask simultaneously will gently exfoliate the skin and nourish in depth.

After 20-30 minutes rinse the mask off your face with lukewarm water. Then dry with a soft cloth. Do not rub your face! Gentle taps will do. Finally, using a cotton swab spread a small amount of rose water on your face.

Легнала жена, която я мажат с течен шоколад

Home chocolate mask can be used for whole body. Therapy with this mask once or twice a month will bring you great results.

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