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May 20 – June 20

SLOGAN– “I think”
KEYWORD – diversity
COLOR – grey, yellow and violet
DAY – wednesday
MINERALS – topaz, amber
METAL – mercury
CRUTIAL YEARS – 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, etc – each 7 years
LOVE – reasonable, change, travelling, talks, debates, company and contact with outside world, speed, modern, elegant
HATE– perseverance, dogma, final answer, loneliness, introspect
ADVICE – Take control of your temper, keep more confidence in yourself and impose more persistence to achieve goals
DESTINY – gemini adapt wonderfully, they have a sharp mind, they are tactful and very capable. They usually have more than one profession and deal with multiple things at once. Even if they fall into extreme situation, they always deal with it

Gemini in 2017

Interesting year for Gemini. Many changes both personally and professionally. With their typical balance, many geminis will finally decide to start a family or to go to work abroad. 2017 will be successful for all Gemini, so they can confidently make crucial steps and make important decisions. Do not do anything alone, because you will need spiritual support to achieve inner balance, peace and stability. You need someone to constantly support you and confirm that you are taking the right decisions. Pick carefully the person besides you.

Gemini in January 2017

January will be favorable to gamini and this will enable many of the representatives of the sign to look optimistically and plan months ahead. You get out of previous depressions and negative thoughts faster. Call your friends, get into the nature. This will give you energy, which will very much need. There will be many surprises ahead of you, but you need to work a lot.

Gemini in February 2017

The month is suitable for signing contracts and starting new ventures. Luck will accompany you all the time and you will be surrounded with attention and love from family and friends. Answer them with the same, buy something expensive and desirable to your loved ones. This will make them happy, but for you it will be a step towards a new kind of relationship and understanding. Shake off of selfishness that you have been gripped in recent years.

Gemini in March 2017

Try to keep your composure to be able to deal with different situations. You will be loaded with a lot of work, but it will be followed by significant financial returns. It is possible to launch a new serious deal that was waiting to be accomplished long ago.

Gemini in April 2017

You could find yourself in unexpected dangerous situations. Do not rush into decisions. Avoid making debts, you are not sure that you can return. Expect philosophical or religious disappointments. You have doubts and it is up to you to overcome them and to shake off permanently from them. You can expect good moments, smile and look optimistically to life.

Gemini in May 2017

Think about something that can get you closer with your partner. You’ll need this. Be prepared to enjoy the entertainment that you are offered and the good things that will happen. During the second half of the month, you will want more freedom in the financial sphere and love. The lack of sensuality in your relationship with your loved one will make you feel insecure.

Gemini in June 2017

Period of important decisions personally and professionally. This means that those of you who have found the right partner can enjoy and feel the love even more. Also, those of you who are emotionally weak link, they must cease it permanently. The same goes for the professional world, those of you who feel comfortable will gladly do their work without restrictions, but those who stand in their workplace just because of benefits, they will make some changes.

Gemini in July 2017

During this period you will feel alone and you will not have the strength to confront the outside world. Support of others will help you if you are not so angry. Dont give up. Avoid disputes. At the end of the month, you will restore your energy. Unexpected trip can occur – be prepared. It will be good.

Gemini in August 2017

You will attach great importance to feelings. You will be happy and slightly incontinent. Your behavior will be somewhat superficial. You will feel the need to feel attractive and you want to be surrounded by people. You will be extremely sociable and have a desire for experimentation. Be careful with experiments, because they can cause pain to loved ones.

Gemini in September 2017

A good time to start something new and interesting. Friendly and intimate connections will be on the rise, enjoy them. If you make certain changes, you will get unsurpassed results. Be decisive, but avoid understeer risks.

Gemini in October 2017

Month of harmony. If you limit the spendings, your business will flourish. With your good humor and optimism, you will be a desired interlocutor. This will make you happy, because secular life is important to you. Someone is hoping that you notice how much he/she likes you. Look into his/her eyes and you’ll know who he/she is.

Gemini in November 2017

Possible health problems of a loved one. Look around and pay attention, because it is possible to miss the moment you can help. You will gain greater influence at work and in public life. Time to achieve new goals. You will receive valuable information or unexpected earnings. A friend will invite you to a party, which will be long remembered.

Gemini in December 2017

At the end of the year you will want to take stock of everything achieved. Generally you will be pleased with yourself. But do not relax, despite the upcoming holidays, you will have a lot of work that will be of great importance for the future. Follow the established order to avoid dangerous situations. Find a balance. Engage in any physical activity. Relax and listen to the needs of your mind and body.

Classic horoscope for Gemini

They have the talent to have more than one personality at once, but also the ability to transform, to surprise, to be interesting and to communicate constantly. Representatives of Gemini sign are almost always curious and interested in different things. They radiate vitality, dynamism, ambition. Friends for company, funny, witty, love to laugh, like diversity.

Due to its flexibility of this sign, they are internally torn, ambiguous, difficult in making decisions. So for those born Gemini, it is more important to find their way in youth, to learn to trust your thinking or might otherwise get lost in fruitless search of satisfaction.

Geminis have dual nature and it is particularly difficult to penetrate their true depth. Man Gemini often impersonates him as a different person and logically he seems different from what he really is. He has wit, guile, diplomacy refinement. Today, he can be ecstatic and delighted, tomorrow – cold. Today, he can promise, tomorrow already forgotten about his promises.

Representatives of the sign have something erratic, volatile, can dance at two weddings at the same time, even listening with half an ear.

They are good speakers and have the gift of speech have such diverse interests from all sorts of areas of life and culture that might make you dizzy if you decide to follow their heady speeds and turns.

If you accidentally choose to argue with representatives of this sign, you can be sure there is no point doing it. The quick wit is tipical for them, the ability to navigate quickly in any situation, rapid and flexible thinking, eloquence and not accidental fame as good psychologists.

The vital energy of gaminis is more mental than physical, so they are required to take care of their education. They are inconsistent and have a tendency to judge by appearance. They start many things that never fully complete. They precipitate in any endeavor. Often incomprehensibly stubborn. It is difficult to understand their motives. Many observant. Can reach the highest mental development. At best, their duality manifests itself as a union between reason and intuition. Easily influenced. The geminis are rarely satisfied with just one job. They can be both generous and stingy.






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