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Prefabricated houses are becoming more and more preferred

A prefabricated house in the winter

The construction of prefabricated houses is becoming very popular and more people are turning to it, combining speed, energy efficiency and cost savings as important prerequisites for choice.

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Stem cells can save lives in the future

The decision to store stem cells from the umbilical cord and placenta is entirely made by parents

Stem cells are primary human cells, which can multiply and transform into other types of cells - nerve, bone,, muscle, liver and others. This ability allows medicine to treat with them very hardly treatable diseases.

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Valentine’s day in hearts and love

We love holidays! Christian or Catholic, when linked to gifts and wonderful experiences, holidays are for all of us. Valentine's Day is one of the most beautiful holidays, because it is dedicated to the most precious sense – Love.

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Panic during earthquake is a bad advisor

Each earthquake that swing the Earth, happens due to the shifting of the earth layers

After every earthquake, anywhere on the planet, we are flooded with information about how to react, what are the rules in this situation and this is why we all know them. Fortunately, this natural disaster does not happen very often, but panic caused when it happens, can lead to more harm then the earthquake itself.

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Water – it’s life itself

Много се говори за опазване на природата, пречистване на отпадните води, които замърсяват реките и подземните води. Строят се и нови пречиствателни станции , но дали всички осъзнаваме колко ценна е водата за нашия живот!

Nowhere in the world does exactly the same water in its structure. Passing through the soil, the water absorbs the vibrations and information about its biological and energy characteristics. Available fresh water is only half a percent of the world's water. These stocks practically not changed since the beginning of human history, but the world's population is constantly growing.

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Storks – a symbol of spring and new life

According to mythology, 'stork' is responsible for bringing babies. This story probably occurred because White Storks have a habit of nesting on chimneys in urban areas and therefore are often seen around human settlements.

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Brains and intelligence

The human brain is still unsolved by scientists. One of the most important questions you ask are related to the development of the human brain and that has reached its maximum potential. Right brain distinguishes us from other animals. What is the reason for such evolution only in humans?

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Morgelons – the mysterious disease

Mysterious illness thrown into panic scientists a few years ago and studies done in connection therewith lead to GMOs as cause. The disease causes skin and neurological problems and symptoms given, unknown until now scientists. Where small hairs resembling worms ...

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