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Morgelons – the mysterious disease

In recent years a new disease unknown to scientists threw in a panic healthcare environments in the United States. The new disease to mysteriously appear with symptoms that are not typical of any other. It is a feeling of insects crawling under the skin accompanied by itching. Body appear small balls, rashes and sores from coming out different colored hairs that move. In some cases, colored hairs resemble small worms that come out of the skin.

Sufferers have neurological symptoms – impaired concentration and complete confusion brain – brain fog.

Mystery disease causes early complainants to be blamed in inventing and exaggerating the symptoms, but later scientists are starting to take seriously the problem and work on it.

Made samples of hairs and wounds of suffering from the disease is established that the disease exists. Unfortunately samples show that this is something completely unknown to science so far.

Researchers concluded that the disease is associated with GMOs and managed to extract DNA from two samples of hairs. The results show that DNA – it is a kind of fungus. One of the most famous professors of biochemistry Vitaly Sitovski, concluded that hairs contain a bacterium known to scientists as Agrobacterium Tumafaciens. This bacteria is thought to be responsible for tumors in plants and professor concludes that it is capable of genetically changing not only plants, but also people.

It has been found that the ability of this bacterium to transfer DNA is exclusively operated by biotechnology for introduction of foreign genes into rasteniyata.Vazmozhnostite for modifying human cells also demonstrated under laboratory conditions.

It is assumed that the mysterious disease called. Morgelons may be the result of chemicals sprayed from airplanes onto plants. Some researchers argue that found a strong resemblance between samples taken from the nap of the disease Morgelons and those taken after such razpraskvane.Zaklyuchenieto so far is that these nano-worms in the form of fibers in patients Morgelons are a new form of life and have the features of the three biological nadtsarstva bacteria eukaryotes and archaea.

Suspicion for their mysterious appearance falls on DARPA (US government agency with the main priority of new technologies), which is trying to develop artificial organisms immortal.

The reason is sought in the so-called. project BioDesign, which aims to eliminate “the randomness of natural and evolutionary development. In connection with his DARPA plans to invest millions of dollars syncretic – biological program and a program for “tenfold increase in the speed with which collate, analyze and redesign cellular genomes.”

Rethinking experiments in genetic engineering is necessary because the risk of such diseases requires it.

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