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Brains and intelligence

The human brain remains one of the biggest mysteries for scientists. Thanks to intelligence tests already can relatively accurately (although many disadvantages) to compare the intelligence of a person than the average for all people. But what exactly caused the differences?

Developing Is the human brain? Is reached its maximum potential? Evolution can we gain a little bigger brain, but that would be capable?

We humans have poor eyesight, hearing and sense of smell and are not especially strong. How then do we become the dominant species? It brain distinguishes us from all other animals. Scientists even believe that the human brain is the most advanced on the planet. It is not much different from that of the dog say, just better. Like comparable to an ordinary desktop computer with super computer.

Proportionate to the size of our bodies, our brains are relatively large. This, however, is no guarantee of quality. The elephant also has a large marrow and compared to those in humans, their neurons are also larger. This means that the distances between these neurons are larger and signals between them should take a longer time. It turns out that the neurons in primates are the most compact arranged. If a rodent neurons had so much as a person, then his brain would weigh 45 kg. Compared with chimpanzees Alternatively, people have more folds in the brain, which provides more surface area and more neural connections.

What caused such an evolution in humans? Scientists believe that the group lifestyle has played a major role in the development of the human brain. From caves to social life, people have come a long way and have developed highly sophisticated skills, including speech.

In the technological age in which we live, one might wonder – Will the human brain evolve? From the outset the embryo is limited by the size of the female pelvis, which gives greater opportunity for physical growth, you already found that size does not mean more intelligence. In theory it is possible he will continue to grow after birth. This can lead to a deficiency of energy, because the brain is the organ of the EuP all. The effect would be like in a sports car, which burns more fuel than usual.

In its current form, to make the human brain more complex neurons will have to shrink to be more densely located. Here too there are limitations, because at a certain point gets counterproductive and too young neurons fail to make a good connection.

Biology is a kind of game of trial and error. In this case, our brain has proved successful because the path of evolution has managed to overcome countless obstacles and adapted to specific elements to reach optimum capacity. Perhaps in the future will appear solution that would allow us to escape from the limitation of your own mind.

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