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Човека не е машина
човека не е машина

The man is not a machine

In some ways possible comparisons between the human body and a complex machine. And in one and in the other case it is a diverse moving parts in a system. Reassuring is that though there are critical differences.

One of them is: Each machine wears out more when you move when running. In contrast, each person needs movement, not runs out!

Therefore, activity and activation stimuli belong to life. Without them going out the vital functions of the human body. Heart rate, respiratory function, metabolism – all these functions need stimulation by irritants. Without physical and mental activity over time, health can not be maintained and further strengthened.

In other words, weak activity – such as lack of movements – and improper activity – hektikata, irregular lifestyle – are the enemies of human health. Both lead to disturbances and to reduce capacity. Medicine has established and proved it!

Each of us could give similar examples. Unfortunately there are dramatic and sad cases that remain most heavily embedded in the memory of man.

None of us wants to give up the facilities and conveniences of modern standard. We should not give up the things that make our lives richer and nicer. The lack of movement and overweight, which are connected to a number of serious diseases can be avoided. This is entirely in our power and no means dry, boring austerity, although having at the beginning to overcome some of their habits. We all know that more and more often have to move, but how many of us do what is necessary?

Yet more than half of all deaths are due to the most common diseases of today – cardio – vascular diseases.

It is time to turn our attention to the fact that to live healthy, this means above all to live actively.

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