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Много се говори за опазване на природата, пречистване на отпадните води, които замърсяват реките и подземните води. Строят се и нови пречиствателни станции , но дали всички осъзнаваме колко ценна е водата за нашия живот!
Всички осъзнаваме колко ценна е водата за нашия живот!

Water – it’s life itself

The greatest miracle in the world is Her Majesty water. Come to think really the body of each of us contains 70% water. Oh, yes, that we have learned at school in classes in chemistry and biology. And not what water and clean drinking water we need so we live. And where does this water? What are the sources and what is the path that water to reach us drinkable? Perhaps we see quite simply spin off the tap and from there flows clean water for piene.Ta you since I remember always has been. The truth is that water is the biggest gift of nature, but if we do not keep very nature, can not have clean water.

Available fresh water is only half a percent of the world’s water. These stocks practically not changed since the beginning of human history, but the world’s population is constantly growing. But even today, fresh water would come for all if it was not cruelly attacked by human civilization.

Recently a lot of talk about conservation, purification of waste water that pollute rivers and groundwater. And build new treatment plants, but if all realize how precious water is to our lives!

How water affects our body and how it helps us to be healthy?

Water transports oxygen and nutrients in our body.

Water helps to discharging harmful substances from your body.

Water regulates body temperature us.

The water prevents the formation of blood clots.

Water improves digestive system.

Water has a strong influence on our blood pressure. If you do not take enough water may feel strongly dropping.

Without water the functioning of our kidneys is impossible, and not only them.

Water protects us from excessive drying of the skin.

The shortage of water slows down and eventually kills the functions of our body.

Each person can live about a month without food, but only about a week without water.

It is now scientifically proven that the water body structure of each person is identical to the structure of water at the place where he was born. Nowhere in the world does exactly the same water in its structure. Picking his way through the soil, the water absorbs the vibrations and information about its biological and energy characteristics.

This is another reason to keep the environment clean.

How many and what water to drink to be healthy?

It is believed that a person needs to receive daily about 2.5 l. Of water per day, of course, this need can be influenced up or down depending on the nature of the work and feeding of change, the health of human and other factors. We must have in mind that every plant and animal food we eat is composed mainly of water in which are dissolved various substances. In fact, this water also enters the general needs.

Not recommended force large amounts of fluids. Human body always gives a signal when it needs water and this signal is – thirst.

Fluid intake in excessive amount, without body needs them, too loaded a large part of the authorities – kidneys, cardiovascular system and others.

Drinking same mineralized water is a mistake!

It has healing and therapeutic qualities and should be drunk only on a recommendation from a doctor in a certain pattern and quantity consistent with the specific diagnosis.

Alternating different and it is less mineralized water and then a glass per day, it can be said that it is a good prevention that will affect good health.

As a rule, however, a healthy person is best to drink plain tap water, which can be further purified with filters and then only in areas where proven quality of drinking water are bad.

Peaceful and harmless water is actually a great element – the source of life.

Without water – no life. Let’s keep it clean and to save.


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