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Oxygen therapy is very suitable for the treatment of acne
Oxygen therapy is very suitable for the treatment of acne

Oxygen skin therapy in autumn

The dirty air in the big cities, the hectic and stressful way of life, often make us look in the mirror that we are not happy with what our skin looks like and look for a way to help. If we were on vacation in the summer and in fresh air, we will immediately notice what changes will occur in our skin type as tan, freshness and healthier appearance, smoothness and luster. This is due to the oxygen contained in the air we breathe. Oxygen penetrates the stratum corneum. But if the contaminated air on its surface has many dead cells, it can not reach the deeper layers where regenerative processes slow down and our skin starts to suffer. From this, it begins to aged, reduces its elasticity, and starts to even appear.

For several years, the concept of oxygen therapy has become more and more popular in cosmetics. After the oxygen creams, which have become the most preferred, special cosmetics for oxygen therapy of the skin are already in use in cosmetics. Oxygen therapy results in saturation of tissues with oxygen, which at the cellular level activates and regulates the vital functions of our skin. By penetrating all its layers, oxygen also performs the function of a conductor of low-molecular components in cosmetics and gives a good opportunity for the therapy to be supplemented with them.

Oxygen therapy
Oxygen therapy is very suitable for the treatment of acne

Oxygen therapy apparatus by a precise method creates a high percentage of oxygen (95%) that is negatively ionized. Typically, they are also with tips that apply vitamins to the skin in combination with oxygen. The effect is striking especially after 3-4 procedures and the skin becomes soft, with a flat complexion and extremely elastic. By injecting oxygen into the skin, it improves its cellular breathing, metabolism and neutralizes free radicals that attack the skin from everywhere and continually.

Oxygen therapy provides enrichment of the skin cells with oxygen, which predisposes them to more active fission and renewal. The skin becomes significantly fresher, with a clearer, even tan, and is prone to greater receptivity to other follow-up treatments with appropriate creams or other cosmetic products that accumulate in depth and form a depot that is gradually distributed evenly and foods skin.

Autumn is a very good season for oxygen therapy of the skin, because our body needs to increase the protective power and immunity, just oxygen therapy performs this function for the skin. By creating a depot of vitamins and antioxidants in its deep layers, it is almost always possible throughout the winter to constantly equip itself with what it needs. To ensure the lasting effect, it is advisable to do several procedures in the autumn to allow oxygen to neutralize virtually completely the free radicals that are the greatest enemy of our skin and age it most.

By injecting oxygen into the skin, its cellular breathing improves
By injecting oxygen into the skin, its cellular breathing improves

Oxygen therapy is hardly contraindicated and is useful for everyone. The effect is incredible and lasting – improves blood circulation, improves facial complexion, restores damaged skin cells, tones. Very important and not neglecting is the strong positive effect on skin antibacterial protection, which makes oxygen therapy very effective in treating acne. It also has a generally supportive effect on the whole organism.

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