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Learning to control asthma during pregnancy

Asthma control during pregnancy

It is very important for pregnant women with asthma to be closely monitored. There is no evidence that maternal asthma can lead to congenital malformations in the baby, but there is a risk of premature birth, so pregnant women should be under constant surveillance.

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Vitamins sometimes can be harmful

The use of vitamins without prescription for prevention purposes can lead to Hypervitaminosis

Very often mothers of young children provide a variety of vitamins to children recommended on the playground. They all believe that giving vitamins is always healthy and beneficial for children and their immune system. We should know, however, that their uncontrolled intake is not healthy. There are possible toxic effects, especially in pregnancy.

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What foods are suitable during pregnancy?

По време на бременност е от изключтелно значение жената да се храни пълноценно

The body of a pregnant woman need to receive vitamin-rich and varied food in order to feed a healthy, full-term child, while the woman herself and to stay healthy. The physiology of the child in the womb suggests that it takes from her body everything needed ...

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