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По време на бременност е от изключтелно значение жената да се храни пълноценно
По време на бременност е от изключтелно значение жената да се храни пълноценно

What foods are suitable during pregnancy?

During each pregnancy in a woman great changes in all organs and systems. The young organism it is developing very swiftly, and this poses to the mother demanding. The rapid development of new organism is possible only in the presence of sufficient quantity and good quality nutrients.

Since its establishment until the moment of birth the child continuously receives from the mother’s body the necessary substances. In this situation, the body of the pregnant woman must satisfy not only their own needs nutrients, but also to deliver such substances to the child. Moreover, it has to dispose of and throw out not only the final products of their own metabolism, but also those from the exchange of the child.

Foods rich in protein

Protein is needed to build a fruit for the growth of the uterus and mammary glands. In pregnancy, however, the collapse of proteins are not always going to end and many intermediate degradation products, such as uric acid, ammonia and acids remain in the body and have a toxic effect. So if the body of the pregnant woman entering many proteins, there is a danger of overloading the body with their breakdown products. Recommended in the second half of pregnancy adoption of protein, especially meat should be limited. Foods are: milk, cottage cheese, fish, egg whites and chicken.

Foods rich in carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the largest part of the substances, which burn in the body. They accumulate in the form of glycogen in the liver and muscles. During pregnancy except in them, glycogen is deposited in the placenta and fetus.

During pregnancy, renal epithelium becomes permeable to carbohydrates. Therefore, even in early pregnancy more abundant carbohydrate food in the urine traces of sugar. This does not mean that the pregnant woman has diabetes. Normally after birth these traces disappear. The adoption of carbohydrate foods is very important during pregnancy because pregnant women need energy, but with them not to overdo it. Foods are: bread, potatoes, rice, fruits and fruit juices, honey and more.

Foods rich in fats

In pregnancy in a woman in increased fat metabolism. The final products from the degradation of fat are carbonic acid and water, and the intermediates are acetic acid and beta-oksimaslenata acid. In incomplete oxidation of fat in the urine of pregnant women appear intermediate products of fat metabolism. In such cases, must limit foods high in fat and to increase food rich in carbohydrates.

Foods rich in minerals

Most important in pregnancy are the salts of calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. They are necessary for the construction of scaffolding and other elements of the fetus.

Calcium is mainly used for the construction of the skeleton during intrauterine life child needs about ’30 calcium. If the diet of the pregnant woman does not have enough calcium, your child takes it from the mother’s body and may cause damage to the teeth of the woman. Rich in calcium include green leafy vegetables, broccoli, okra, almonds and dr.yadki, dates, cheese, and more.

Phosphorus in the form of phosphoric acid is needed for building the skeleton and nervous system of the child.

Iron organically linked to proteins, forming hemoglobin. The child is supplied with hemoglobin from red blood cells of the mother and it accumulates in a significant amount in their hematopoietic organs. Immediately after birth the amount of hemoglobin is 110%. This supply of iron is needed by the child during breastfeeding, as breast milk amount of iron is not enough.

Foods rich in vitamins

The child is in dire need of vitamins receives from the mother. Hypovitaminosis mother also affects the developing fetus. Most important for the body of a pregnant woman are vitamins A, C and D. Obtaining them is through food that must be diverse. High intake of fruits and vegetables is very important.

A pregnant woman needs to eat healthy foods but excluding processed foods, fried and products that have undergone processing in the food industry. Nutritious foods are a guarantee for a healthy baby and mother.

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