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Facial injections against time

Medicine is constantly evolving and finds new and new ways to combat skin aging. One of the innovative methods of rejuvenation, which is becoming more and more popular, is facial injections in the middle and deep layers of the skin with platelet-enriched plasma. It uses a consistency of own blood that has a high platelet concentration.

The method is revolutionary and is a type of cell therapy that achieves significant rejuvenation. Plasma, which is very rich in platelets, is injected. Platelets stimulate cell division and greatly increase collagen production. This results in regeneration of the skin and visible rejuvenation.

Usually the procedure is done by taking blood from the vein and placing it in a test tube. Centrifugation results in plasma platelets secreting. It is precisely because of the use of its own blood that this procedure is called vampire facelift.

This type of rejuvenation with facial injections or so-called Plasmolytic or Platelet rich plasma – PRP is without any risk. It can be used at any age, as the effect is usually after the second procedure. At the same time, it is much more durable and is suitable for correcting wrinkles on the face, neck, neckline and upper arms.

Although no serious preconditioning is required for this type of facial injections, it is advisable to consult anti aging clinic specialist. He will recommend follow-up therapy with appropriate cosmetics that is in sync with regenerative skin processes. Each skin has its own specificity and consultation in a rejuvenation anti aging clinic is of great importance for the ultimate effect.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) face injections provide a rejuvenation process that is very close to natural tissue regeneration processes. The procedure is almost painless but depends on the individual sensitivity to pain for each individual patient. However, no analgesia is required. Immediately after the procedure there is some reddening of the skin, which disappears within a few hours.

There are no risks even for sensitive and allergic patients. Each area requiring remodeling is injected with enriched plasma using a very thin needle.

PRP is a revolutionary, non-surgical rejuvenation procedure based on the potential of the human body to recover. Also called Vampire Facelift, this procedure is done with a biocompatible proprietary product, so there is no risk of infections and allergies. This type of facial injections is absolutely safe and has a long lasting effect on skin rejuvenation.

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