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Децата обичат да изразяват своите чувства като рисуват
Децата обичат да изразяват своите чувства като рисуват

Drawing – a favorite activity of children

Drawing as a kind of pictorial activity is essential for mental development and education of the child. Children exhibit different skills when painting. Some of them deal better with the display state of a given object, while in others there is a large discrepancy with what they wanted to portray. But all children, regardless of their skills, love to paint. Discover for yourself the opportunity to represent this type of activity became their favorite pastime.

By drawing children express their feelings, their attitude towards the depiction world, their knowledge of it. Painting, they consolidate their ability to hold a pencil, crayon or normal colors are applied. Master sophisticated motor stereotypes being improved visual-motor coordination. By painting the child builds their ideas about the different properties of the object – shape, color, size, weight, space available space on the sheet.

Drawing helps children perceive objects and events from the surrounding reality in their objectivity. By strokes and color spots still young child is able to recreate this fact, the white sheet, for example. painting – rain, snow, grass, house and so on..

By drawing activates mental activity of children – how to depict the respective object in the picture, what color to choose how and through him to express a characteristic feature or mark of the subject. Portraying by certain forms, lines and colors, combining them in different versions, the child develops creative thinking and activity. They develop two main components of children’s drawings – figurativeness / relevant drawing skills / and expressiveness / recreate the characteristic properties of objects and events / as well as their composition.

By drawing to form creative imagination and emotional attitude towards the depiction objects and phenomena.

Drawing support the aesthetic education of children. Through children’s drawing can reveal levels of development of the sensory abilities of logical thinking, the peculiarities of perception of environmental reality and assimilation of social experience.

Psychologists believe that children express their vision of the world through their paintings. Their paintings are a mirror to the soul.

If you want to look into the soul of your child and find out what’s there, then waited for the moment in which the child only wants to paint and offer to paint your family. Unless told him not to interfere will reach the discoveries for which you never suspected.

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