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December 21 – January 19

ELEMENT – earth
SLOGAN– “I act”
KEYWORD – ambition
DAY – saturday
MINERAL – coral
CRUCIAL YEARS – 37, 44, 51, 58, 65, etc every 7 years
MARRIAGE – appropriate signs are Taurus, Libra and Cancer. Harmony has a Virgo. They get along well with Scorpio and Pisces
LOVE work, hard work, responsibilities, duty, depth, traditional, legal, redundancy.
HATE – laziness, futility, lack of purpose, excessive chatter, impulsive, too modern, vagrancy, to shuffle their work
Their strength is hard work and perseverance
ADVICE– Do not let be surprised by events. To rely more on themselves than on the help of others.

Capricorn in 2017

Rich in events year for Capricorn. This year luck will be on your side. You will be initiators of major changes in the family. Possible purchase or sale of properties and changes in the home. Financial year will be very good for you. Money wil be following them, coming from everywhere. But you need to be careful with spendings, because you will be facing cardinal changes that would need money. In love, the year will be stable and possibly those who are not bound, will get married.

Capricorn in January 2017

In January, you will feel a little tired despite the holidays and looking for the warmth and comfort of home. If you are a little disorganized after the holidays and must be mobilized because at the end of the month you will receive a notification that can dramatically change your life and it depends on you to do well. Parents will also have need of you.

Capricorn in February 2017

Beware of virus infections this month. You will have a lot of work and need to be healthy and fit for work. Signing a contract or new acquisition will surprise and delight you. This will bring significant stability and security in your family. This is the month in which you take the time to bring a little order in your documentation. Take a closer look into your financial situation as well and plan wisely upcoming mandatory costs.

Capricorn in March 2017

Meetings with many new acquaintances will mark the beginning of spring. You will feel a burst of energy and a desire for new horizons. A woman who you have not seen for years might reappear in your life with good news. Buying or selling a property will cause a change of address of a loved one and you have to help him.

Capricorn in April 2017

The month is good for personal change. If you have long thought about separation or want to get back together with a partner, now is the time to do it. Do not be afraid of change, because it is certainly a good thing. Your health is stable, but watch out and beware of accidents.

Capricorn in May 2017

Month of harmony and understanding. You will be in good relationship with your parents. Your relationship with the opposite sex will be good. You will be spontaneous and confident. Your social skills will help for your professional success. If you openly express your emotions to your loved ones, your highest expectations will be met. Possible stomach problems. Be careful what you eat.

Capricorn in June 2017

You will be completely independent and very stubborn. Avoid extremes in your own affairs. You need not impose on others, to be the first at everything or the center of attention, but it may reflect badly on the final results. You will work hard, you will be extremely concentrated and focus on your thoughts, you will feel unusual inner strength. During this period you will have the ability to lead. Be careful not to become a despot and get hated from people around you.

Capricorn in July 2017

Victories in love and privacy during this month. Your personal charisma will provide many admirers. You’ll need this and will feel pretty good. You will be able to express your rich inner world in many different ways – by calling, writing or through body language. You will feel a great need for attention and you will get it. The changes are very positive. There will be also surprises.

Capricorn in August 2017

This month you expect progress and success in your careers. With your confidence and enthusiasm, you will direct your energy properly, leading to the development and overall success. You will increase your income and invest money in various business projects. You will have a clear idea of your future goals. You will experience the satisfaction and pride in the proper execution of your tasks.

Capricorn in September 2017

This month you will demonstrate your love without experiencing shame or complexes. You will be confident in your feelings openly and you will share them with your partner. If you’re in love and you have not expressed your feelings, now is the perfect time to do it, in case you did not err and make sure that your choice is correct.

Capricorn in October 2017

Period of strengthening ties with friends and colleagues. Try to reconcile with the person with whom you are in strained relations. Surely, you will be successful and overcome misunderstandings and mistakes of the past. Successful completion of disputes and lawsuits.

Capricorn in November 2017

You’ll be less frustrated and very tired. Possible wrong actions and deemed plans. Do not expect family to approve them. Try to convince them in what you are doing and if they succeed in reverse, listen to them. This will save you a lot of trouble in the future. Possible health problems are caused by emotional imbalance. Take care of your nerves and eat properly.

Capricorn in December 2017

December will be the most successful month of the year. Then you will feel the results of everything you do throughout the year. You will be able to complete most of your deeds very successfully. The financial results will also be perfect. Get ready for some pleasant holidays and best schedule them at the beginning of the month, because you will need fresh air and a break in the mountains. Do it with your closest people.

Classic capricorn horoscope

Capricorn are practical and sustainable. When they start something, they always finish it. They do not allow anything to block their way. They are purposeful. As enemies are invincible, but as friends – loyal to the end. They are strict and conservative. Capricorn live to a ripe old age and remain young in spirit.

Capricorns are hardworking and ambitious. You can find them in your course or university through the shelves of a library. Since they do their job very well, they are usually involve in different events. The best way to get closer to them is to work for a common cause. But they know the difference between a sincere compliment and courtship. Do not write too flowery letters and do not make too passionate confession of love. Capricorns are interested in arts and theater and they are attracted to intellectuals. You can discuss books, paintings, music, politics, but it’s good if you can say something interesting. Capricorn quickly discover pretentiousness and preciosity. Capricorn loves to play the role of teacher. You can always admit your ignorance in front of them and let them teach you. In a public gathering Capricorns are typically at its base. It may not be the most interesting person you have ever known. He is always aware of what is going on and expects the same from you. If so, you will not have any worries about attracting their attention and awaken their interest. They know the value of money. You can deliver it with an expensive diamond ring, but she would be happy to get a lot cheaper, but nice antique ring whose value will grow over time.

Capricorn husband would be grateful if you combine it with a rare book or original painting especially if it is a promising artist. One note: Capricorns are attached to their families. If you try to impress her with tickets to the premiere instead take three tickets for a later date and invite her mother. This will be a big plus for you. They like to dine well in luxurious surroundings. If you invite her to a restaurant, choose it well. If you invite her to dinner at home, consider making the food look as good as it is tasty. Candlelight and real good wine will help the case. Capricorn men are impressed by women who are good in the kitchen. They love to be pampered. The place of the love meeting should look elegantly furnished and luxuriously even if it is not. Capricorns do not like the cheap stuff. For them, everything is good to be first class.





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