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Spring Home Remodel Ideas

The change of seasons is the perfect excuse for sprucing up your home. Spring is the perfect time for remodeling a room or two in your house, maybe experimenting with some fresh colors and new designs or just adding some pieces to your furniture to freshen up your home décor. This is probably why spring-clean has become such a well-known chore during this time of year. Incorporating some new spring interior design trends will undoubtedly give your home a more stylish and classy look.

Add Pastel and Bright Accents to Your Home Decor

With spring coming around the corner, everything outside becomes more colorful and bright and it is time to replace your heavy and dark winter decors with lighter and fresher ones. There are plenty of fabulous colors you could choose from when deciding on Pastel colors are perfect for freshening up home décor. They add tranquility to the atmosphere of your home and add certain softness to it. If you feel unsure and don’t want to commit to something more permanent such as repainting your walls or replacing main pieces of your furniture, you can always start with small items that you would feel comfortable with, such as accent throw pillows and blankets. Rich and luxurious colors on the other hand create a warm and cozy feeling when added to your main living area. Reds, mustard and forest green are the most popular colors among spring decorative accessories. They are fairly easy to maintain and can be added to the bedroom or living room as a small pop of color here and there without needing to make a huge change.

Add Pastel and Bright Accents to Your Home Decor

Add Some Metallics

Metallic surfaces have been one of the top trends in interior design in the last couple of years. However, stainless steel and nickel choice are no longer the top choice for kitchens and bathrooms or small accents around main living areas. They have given way to warm rose gold, elegant platinum and radiant copper orange which create a gorgeous highlight in our homes. Rose gold and copper have similar orange warm tones. They liven up the room by adding an earthy feel to it. Moreover, they both compliment a whole range of interior design choices. In comparison, platinum is suitable for both modern and traditional kitchens and bathrooms. Therefrom, this makes it and interior design favorite for homeowners.

Use Raw Wood

Natural materials have always been an essential part in home decoration. They create comfort and warmth, and add an organic beauty to the space. By keeping the wood raw, the natural grain and shade of the wood is preserved. There are no two pieces of wood that are the same. Therefore, your home decoration will be one of a kind. In this case groove and imperfections act as a work of art in your rooms. You could use raw wood for a piece of furniture, your whole flooring, or just a piece of wall art. What is more, the use of reclaimed and recycled wood is also an environmentally friendly option for furniture and home decoration.

Add Spring Decorations

With nature blossoming outside, spring is the perfect time for adding some colorful and playful decorations to your home. There are a lot of ways to make your rooms feel more fresh and calming. One of them is bringing the outside in. You can achieve that by simply adding some floral and bird décor and fabrics. You could aim for a print that is more realistic and tasteful, rather than going to extremes and choosing something bold and cartoony. If you are not that into flower and bird prints you could always just add some bold shapes and patterns, which are also very popular when it comes to spring decoration. Generally, this creates a more fun and vibrant feel to your rooms.

At the end of the day, there are so many amazing ways to freshen up your home décor with these spring trends. No matter which room you are hoping to renovate or redecorate, adding colors, textures, natural and raw materials, metallic, leafy prints, or bold patterns, these ideas will for sure make your space look cozier and more stylish.

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