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Decorative pond in the garden is like a mirror in your home
Decorative pond in the garden is like a mirror in your home

How to make a decorative pond in the yard?

The idea to transform our yard in the most desirable and beautiful place, close to nature, appeals to most of us. Decorative pond in your garden is like a mirror in your home. We introduce a few simple steps and rules for building a pond in your yard.

The first step is to choose a suitable place so that it can be seen from many places in the yard.

It is not good for the pond to be closer to trees (deciduous), because you will have to clean it very often in autumn.

Second step: draw the desired shape (with a garden hose or rope).

Third step is to dig a hole. It is important to know that the bigger the decorative pond is, the easier to maintain the physico-chemical parameters of water. For this purpose we should equip the pond with aerator, filter and fountain. Often they are in one. Periodically refresh the water and clean decorative pond of waste or oversized vegetation. Outline reservoir by hammering spade contour, then remove the rope (or hose). Dig to a depth of 30 cm and the same width make a new configuration of the coastline farther – it will be the sole coastal plants (shelf) of your decorative water area.

With the board level, align the shelf so that it is equally deep underwater. Internal loop continues to dig until you reach the desired depth.

If you grow ornamental fish, dig until you reach 1.20 meters at any if the lake ends. There, it will be their asylum during the winters. After digging, pound the trench 3 cm and cover it with damp sand.

Step Four – over the excavated hole spread lining so that it comes equally from all sides and pinch with plates, which are predicted for curb.

Carefully and slowly press down until the center of the liner is grounded. Come inside and start to carefully spread lining and bottom shelf, while you are filling of water.

Application of suitable waterproofing membrane is the basis for smooth functioning water area. Waterproofing membrane of synthetic rubber for example, has proven longevity-50 years. Its specific chemical composition protects the membrane from UV (ultra violet) rays and keeps its elasticity regardless of its operation. This characteristic – elasticity, protects the membrane from growing roots. Her application is extremely easy and fast. The membrane is spread out like a sail in the trench and clings to the sides of the lake. Decorative pond should be filled with water to make the membrane fit and and then you should anchor the edges.

The weight of the water will help to lay the liner tightly. By the edge of the late, you should add curb bricks, tiles or stones (your choice).

Set the bricks with cement solution and be careful not to fall any cement into the water, because it is highly toxic to some plants and fish. If it falls, empty the pond and wash it.

The last stage – arrangement. Vegetation that you can deploy around the pond, not only performs aesthetic function but also protective – regulate surface leaks and prevent fouling. All plants used for decoration of the pond may be divided into several groups. The first group are the deepwater plants, the roots of which are located in the soil at the bottom, and the leaves and flowers of the sail surface. In the second group are plants – oxygen generators, the leaves of which absorb mineral salts and carbon dioxide. The roots of these plants are found in moist, never drying soil. The last group are coastal plants. Choose carefully which plants to use, research them properly. Also for fish. For example, is good, if the decorative pond has different breeds of goldfish, gold and blue Orphee, golden rudd that swimming in flocks, who bring other fishes to the surface, golden tench and white carp are like paramedics, especially with overgrown walls and floor, and hybrid carp destroys phytoplankton (green water).

Decorative pond

In the deepest part is good to run a broken jar or large stones to create a cavernous shelter for fish. Use your imagination and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Decorative pond

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