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In an effort to keep their skin young longer we are willing to give huge sums sometimes, believing that what we buy will work miracles. Miracles are rare and we must be aware that our skin necessarily need care, but our expectations must be reasonable.

Anti-wrinkle creams – truth or delusion!

What happens to our skin by increasing the years?

Our skin has cell membranes whose function is generally to protect it from harmful substances that has saturated the air and everything it comes in contact. These membranes are composed of proteins and phospholipids. Under attack from the external environment and harmful free Radicati, the membranes begin to harden and the result is – the aging of our skin. Over the years, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and its defense mechanisms slow down. That tied the score are many lines that terrify us in the mirror.

Another important reason is to reduce the skin’s ability to retain water and gradually over the years it becomes drier and thinner. Water scarcity makes the skin more relaxed, and it ages and outer appearance.

About 25-26 years to begin the first signs of slight change of the skin. She begins to lose its luster. Exterior changes are subtle, but deep down it processes have begun and elasticity already declining.

This of course is not categorically all because you have to take into account the personality and skin type, due to major differences in this respect. Gena is also not without significance.

Despite differences in speed and age, the process still starts and every woman falls into a mad panic when noticing the slightest signs. The fight is merciless and hard, and the end justifies the means – to slow the maximum aging process.

That is why using this female weakness everywhere pharmaceutical companies and companies for cosmetics we are flooded with advertisements for miracle anti-wrinkle creams that promise to days and hours to restore youthful skin and stop aging. The prices are fantastic, but name beauty and youth every woman is ready to deprive yourself of anything. Buy small boxes with magical mixtures and stare in the mirror for a miraculous effect.

But the truth is that as collagen to rub into your skin, wrinkles will diminish. If you find a minimum smoothing, it is due to moisture that by affixing plenty of anti-wrinkle creams your skin gets. To this effect you do not have to pay three-digit sums for ordinary moisturizer it achieves.

We will mention some advertising delusions in which women blindly believe:

The role of vitamin C

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant. It is very important for the production of collagen in the skin. But to do this he needs to be taken internally – in the form of vitamins or products that contain it in large quantities. Adding to creams is meaningless. There is no way it reduces already appeared wrinkles applied externally. Moreover, in this form, it almost does not penetrate the skin.

Posters of natural products

Loud labels “natural” and “organic” psychological impact very strong, but actually in cosmetics there is no evidence that natural ingredients are more effective than synthetic ones. Sometimes even vice versa, without having a negative impact on her.

The presence of collagen and elastin in anti-wrinkle creams

There is no way the molecules of collagen and elastin to penetrate the skin because they are too large. So if you 10 times a day to rub anti-wrinkle creams in her wrinkles will diminish. On the contrary, collagen can clog the pores of the skin and this and negatively. To have an effect on collagen and reducing wrinkles, it must be injected. The effect, however, is temporary.

Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA)

Alpha-hydroxy acids only remove the top layer of skin and it looks a little fresher. In no case can not talk about rejuvenating and smoothing. On the contrary, studies have shown that alpha-hydroxy acids even accelerate the aging process of the skin, because removing the top layer makes it much more vulnerable to sunlight and other harmful influences.

Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE)

When using cream with 2-dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), skin cells begin to grow at the expense of expansion of intracellular cavities and thus wrinkles are starting to smooth out. However, this becomes artificial and very short. A few hours after the staining process of cell division decreases and some of them killed. The effect is very short.

Presence of placental cream

Even last century was discovered fantastic action of the placenta. It is due to steroid hormones which penetrate the skin and really sets it fresher. But hormones are hormones themselves and unfortunately the placenta gives quite side effects – changes the hormonal level that is harmful to health. That is why the trend in cosmetics is to remove hormones from products containing placenta. In fact in these anti-wrinkle creams just missing this component of the placenta, which rejuvenates.

Using human placenta is prohibited and only animal products can be incorporated into cosmetics. However, they make quite side effects.

Hyaluronic acid as an ingredient

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of human skin, which is responsible for elasticity. That is why the version is that if rubbed externally can have a rejuvenating effect. In order to have an effect thereof, however, it should be administered under the skin. Rub the top layer is meaningless, may even harm as collagen.

Presence of uterine milk in certain creams

It is a substance used in cosmetics relatively recently. Uterine milk is a product of vital activity of bees. Attempts, however, now show that it does not possess any magical properties which are attributed to him.

The presence of albumin in the cream

The effect of albumin is associated with the formation of a film that conceals them .Imenno why it is used in many creams as smoothing ingredient. After washing the film, however, things are the same as before smeared with cream.

Advertising misconceptions have advertising zabludi.Tryabva to know about them, but that does not mean you should not care intensely for your skin. She always needs it. The point is to not expect miracles, paying huge sums for cosmetics, not poznavame.Da not trust fully sparkling ads. Do not jump to rejuvenating creams too early because their use can put unnecessary strain on our skin and instead preserve it longer young, will break important natural processes in it.

Here are some important rules to care for the skin:

• Always use a cream with UV filter that protects against harmful radiation slantseto.To is the enemy of the skin.
• Continuous moisturize your skin (if the above condition).
• You may be doing facial massage to keep his tight oval.
• Dispose of alcohol from his life.
• Do everything possible to enough sleep – sleep deprivation and stress of it accelerates the aging process of the skin.
• Drink water – skin, and your entire body need it.
• Eat a full, ie do not abuse the sugar, white bread, fatty, fried and salty products.
• Take more nuts, fruits and vegetables.
• More often walk in the fresh air, exercise.
• Smile often. This may not reduce your wrinkles, but you will be healthier and happier

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