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Грижите за градината трябва да започнат още през март с първите слънчеви лъчи
Грижите за градината трябва да започнат още през март с първите слънчеви лъчи

The beautiful garden needs care

With the arrival of spring plants awaken and activate their vital forces. Our goal for maintenance of the garden in March is to ensure the development of plants with the necessary materials and space. Working in the yard can begin immediately after snowmelt.

The first thing to do is a good cleaning. Clean all plant debris weeds and leaves. Cut are all dead, sick or frozen branches – so-called sanitary pruning.

The grass meadow with grass should be vertikulira. This operation is known as aeration and represents the removal of a majority of the bedspread dead grass leaves, which is always present in turf grass. This becomes a particular paddle – Verticutter, making incisions in grass, thus providing a sound reaching the air, water and nutrients to the roots of ryegrass.

March is a good and fresh start for some plants. If you want to change the shape or size of a bush or tree or trim overgrown hedges, now is the time. Earlier this month it is better to do so-called rejuvenating pruning has lost some of its shape plants. You can see quite thick branches and sections then, but you do not be afraid. Of plants such as roses and hydrangeas make a pruning to stimulate flowering leaving a bush at 4-5 branches with 3-4 buds on them.

A new beginning can give and most of the tufts perennial flowers in the garden separating them and immediately replanted. At the end of the month to sow tubers of dahlias and the pitcher, maybe early to plant them in pots transport before planting them in the garden.

After cleaning and resizing, the next task of maintenance of the garden in March nourishment. It is through fertilization should be fertilized with as much as possible rich in various elements slowly decomposing manure. Usually put more than 30 – 40 kg complex fertilizer per hectare landscaped area.

March must make quite care recovery turf. We begin with the removal of weeds, fungus stains or other damage / stains can be cleaned with Verticutter /. If there fungal attacks can be treated with iron sulphate. Then sprinkle blanks seed salutes them lightly, cover with 2 or 3 mm peat soil and compacting.

Garden areas must prekopaem and edging if the soil is dry enough.

Irrigation system can fill after mid-March. We need to do a major review of all its parts, to include the pump in automatic mode and to set the controller to water 1-2 times a week.

Maintenance of the garden and yard should start in March because it green areas will come quickly and prepared in season and support itself in the coming months will be very relieved.

At least ednogogodishnite are caring for flowers. After sowing and transplanting them they are watered with grass and weeds. In the nursery renewed withered roots. Honor enemy of flowers is aphids. If some flowers wither and dry, must be sprayed with chemicals because it is almost certain that this cause aphids.

In April of active vegetation of the plant has already begun and they quickly begin to rise. This month you can plant flowers and you must enter a steady maintenance of the garden, in the sense of entering the regular cycle of mowing, watering, pruning, fertilizing and hoeing.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast, after switching from the danger of frosts and hail can outsource seedlings of flowers and boxes ready to open their permanent location. Nice one two days before you have them hardened as you left them during the day and took them out in the evening or leave them under the shed. After planting the flowers pour them thoroughly and feeding with fertilizer.

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