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Захарният диабет е заболяване ,което засяга 10-15 процента от населението

Diabetes reduces the potency in men

Diabetes mellitus is a disease that affects 10-15 percent of the world’s population. This disease has a long course and improper treatment deteriorating quality of life.

Erectile Dysfunction / ED / is one of the common complications of diabetes, which affects nearly 50 percent of men with diabetes. Its incidence increases with duration of diabetes, age and depends on the presence of comorbidities or complications – high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, high blood cholesterol, neuropathy. According to recent representative surveys in eight countries in Europe, Seve and South America more than 150 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction in 38% of cases the cause is diabetes type 1 or type 2. The inability to achieve and maintain an erection to carry out normal sexual intercourse diabetes is the result of several interrelated factors: the effect on small blood vessels, damage to the nerve endings and endothelial cells of the cavernous bodies of the penis, not allow its adequate engorgement. Spermatogenesis and production of male sex hormones normally not be affected. In many cases, there may be interference in ejaculation – ie. retrograde ejaculation to / bladder /.

Erectile dysfunction can severely degrade the quality of life, especially young people, leading to depression and worsening of metabolic control. Bad metabolic control in turn manifest and worsen erectile dysfunction.

The result is a vicious circle that can be broken only with complex treatment by a specialist.

Most commonly use are funds belonging to the group of phosphodiesterase -5. They increase nitric oxide in the tissues, which dilates blood vessels, especially those in the pelvis and penis. On this basis are created medicaments for oral intake / a tablet / whose duration of action is 1-2 hours to 48 hours. There are also compositions in the form gels, creams and patches for topical application, which enhance the action of the tablets.

However, the application of such drug agents requires assessment specialist to avoid risks and side effects, especially if you take other medications such as drugs for diabetes.

Recent studies show that practicing yoga can help young men suffering from diabetes.

Мъж прави йога упражнения на открито
Practicing yoga can help young men suffering from diabetes.

The reason for a number of chronic diseases and for the complication of diabetes itself is an increase in the levels of free radicals in the body, namely – oxidative stress. Yoga exercises can significantly reduce oxidative stress.

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