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Усещането за щастие е индивидуално и често различно, но няма по-хубаво чувство от щастието
Усещането за щастие е индивидуално и често различно, но няма по-хубаво чувство от щастието

The feeling of happiness is inherited

The word “happiness” contained in our most cherished dreams and all my kindest regards to our fellow human beings. We want to be happy and wish him all hot favorite people around us. But what stands for e word and why under identical circumstances and cause different people have different happy.

Scientists and psychologists have long sought answers to this question that will explain many others associated with it. According to research emotional experiences of people who accompanied him during his entire adult life are related to the amount of t. Pomegranate. Hormone of happiness – serotonin. This hormone affects the brain and make people more or less happy. Like most other individuals of the human body, and this hormone is produced in different amounts in different people, but this quantity depends on hereditary predisposition, which is also individual. From there is the difference in happiness. Happiness is inherited and that to be happy depends largely on this hormone and the amount that the body produces.

The question is how can this affect the production of the hormone of happiness. Experiments have shown that for the production of serotonin is responsible gene 5-HTT. This gene exists in two different kinds of alleles that are of different length and shown to be inherited.
The amino acid L-tryptophan is the source of the hormone and proizvezhada in various tissues of the body, including the brain. The hormone actually carry nerve impulses from cell to cell. When a nerve cell is in an excited state it in their nerve endings produce serotonin. Serotonin is separated from this nerve cell and passes into the next. He got there he was taken by receptors located on the cell membrane, which it put into it, and there it forms an electrical potential. The more receptors on the cell membrane are activated, the stronger the nerve impulse. People who have a deficiency of serotonin more difficult to feel satisfied with everything they do, they are difficult to enjoy the world around them and are often prone to depression.

Scientists are still arguing about how and whether artificially trying to influence the situation .Sazdadeni are preparations which artificially stimulate the production of hormones in the body, but opinions are controversial. There are many foods that also stimulate the production of this hormone, but overall the gap remains and the ability to feel happy is different for different people.

Some people may be happy and feel at ease from the very small things and enjoy life in full force and others and greatest achievements and positive emotions, feel dissatisfied and restless.

And yet no matter how complicated may seem to achieve the desired happiness largely depends on us how we will. After all, everyone deserves to experience it and have to find him. Let’s think about what we actually want to do everything possible to achieve it and we can stop and enjoy the success. Learning to live it.

We can think a little deeper on the little things in our lives and learn to appreciate themselves as small and insignificant they are. Then every moment lived in a positive way, we will see valuable and happiness will quickly fit in it. It soon will be transformed into a happy moment.

If we ourselves do that, it invariably will stimulate thus very refitted to produce serotonin in the brain. So the circle will close and be happy.

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