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Why the rabbit is a symbol of Easter?

According to an old legend a goddess become large and beautiful bird in rabbit. No one knows why she did it, but it is believed that just because the Easter rabbit was bird still nests and filling them with eggs. Another interesting legend associated with Easter rabbit says ...

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Hobby for men – barrier against stress

Човекът с хоби постепенно става мъдър човек. Той има своя страст и свой смисъл

Stress lately talk much. And with good reason. What really is stress? How a hobby is a barrier against stress and how it helps to overcome the increased neuroticism in modern man? Above all, the creation of positive emotions in competition with ...

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Alcohol and young people – a problem of the day

More and more young people try alcohol at very early age. Factors that influence alcohol are numerous variables and too often dependent. Alcohol abuse affects utmost nervous system, distort the intellectual ability, balance ...

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