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Supplements containing isoflavones

In some plant foods have substances called phytoestrogens. Their structure is similar to that of estrogen female hormones. They compete with them exhibit a similar or opposite effect of estrogens. They are found in more than 300 foods. In soy phytoestrogens, especially those from the group of ...

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Grapefruit juice is incompatible with many drugs

Grapefruit is extremely useful fruit that is rich in lycopene. This antioksinant is associated with decreased risk of prostate cancer. According to recent surveys and studies, grapefruit is a fruit that affect the way some medicines. Most studies have been done on the effect of grapefruit juice ...

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Anti-wrinkle creams – truth or delusion!

In an effort to keep their skin young longer we are willing to give huge sums sometimes, believing that what we buy will work miracles. Miracles are rare and we must be aware that our skin necessarily need care, but our expectations must be reasonable.

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