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Long hair – how to maintain it beautiful?

Every woman dreams of having a long and beautiful hair. Every man after former admires long-haired beauty. To care well for long hair, however, it requires much more effort than necessary for hair short or medium length. Even just washing and isushavane ...

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Rh and incompatible pregnancy

Rh incompatible pregnancy can occur in Rh negative woman pregnant with Rh positive man. In these cases, if the fetus is in the affirmative, causing the so-called. immunization with maternal antibody formation. The risk of Rh immunization in Rh negative women with full-term first pregnancy is 16%.

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Children’s teeth – how to prevent problems

The emergence of caries at a very early age is a serious problem in modern glossy packaging and any sweets. Children hardly resist the seductive ads that are everywhere and our parental responsibility to protect them by imposing rules...

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