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How to make a decorative pond in the yard?

Decorative pond in the garden is like a mirror in your home

The idea to transform our yard in the most desirable and beautiful place, close to nature, appeals to most of us. Decorative pond in your garden is like a mirror in your home. We introduce a few simple steps and rules for building a pond in your yard.

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Easter decorations for home

Easter decorations for our home

Besides eggs, we love to decorate your entire home, making it more cozy and festive. Easter is celebrated three days, making it one of the most important holidays and the atmosphere at home is very important.

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Plants protect plants in our garden

There are studies that show that the mixed crops plants protect each other.

Plant pests are a real nuisance and are the biggest nightmare of every gardener – they gnaw leaves, chew the roots and are able to completely destroy vegetable crops. The fight against them with chemicals is a double-edged sword, so more and more gardeners look back in time and learn from old tested methods.

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