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Albert Einstein’s Puzzle – only 2% of all people can solve it

This riddle was invented by Albert Einstein about a century ago. According to him, only 2% of the world’s population are able to solve it. Pretty interesting riddle to play with, don’t you think? Terms of the puzzle: Five houses, each painted in different color. In each house lives a …

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Important rules when your child’s works with computer

Our children spend much time at the computer. When the child is at the computer time flies imperceptibly and quickly, and long stay is not safe. There are certain rules that need to teach your child to make sure that the prolonged stay at the computer will seriously harm his health - for correct posture and not to damage the eyesight of our children

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Sex of the child and what does it depend on

The issue of selection of the sex of the child is excited mankind for centuries. Methods as separate storage of electricity sperm at conception have stopped long ago to be relevant. Modern methods ranging from diagnosis on the sex of the embryo - a method with a 100% success rate to fractionation column ...

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