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Stone Fireplace Ideas

The fireplace in the home is the place that attracts as a magnet every member of the family. It is a symbol of coziness and warmth. Around it, everyone gathers for a holiday or a simple dinner, and it gives calmness and sense of security in the winter days.

Typically, the fireplace is built in one of the largest rooms in the home where the whole family is gathered. Regardless of whether the fireplace is in a modern or classic style, it is always good to be lined with stone. The stone is an ecological material that allows for the realization of many different ideas in the interior of a house. A stone fireplace fits perfectly even in a simple apartment. It is only necessary to make a good selection of furniture. Ideas a lot ….

Interior stone fireplace ideas

Modern modern fireplaces are lined with natural or artificial stone, as the surface can be smooth and polished or uneven and rough. It all depends on the preferences and the vision of the room itself.

Modern fireplace

If you want a ledgestone fireplace in classic style, there are a number of techniques for artificially aging the stone, where it acquires an original and very stylish look. Very popular and desirable are the classic English style ledgestone fireplaces. With them, the design reminds of aristocratic luxury and at the same time looks very elegant in the style of centuries-old traditions and home-like coziness. In this type of fireplaces, embossed stone is used, which in most cases is natural. Often the design includes expensive plates with original works or sculptors. But this is not required! Typically, the facade of a classic English style ledgestone fireplace is a simple stone beam, supported on two slightly curved supports. When the stone is well-chosen and conforms to the rest of the interior, it looks very elegant.

Classic Stone Fireplace

Another quite popular type of stone fireplace is the classic French fireplace. It has a wider base and the chimney is in the wall itself, which is also lined with natural or manufactured stone. This type of fireplace is suitable for spaces with limited space.

There is also an Italian type of classic stone fireplace. It has a more closed form of the hearth, usually combined with decorative panels and a beautiful relief of a the stone. The façade of the Italian-style stone fireplace is more massive and it is good to occupy a central part of the interior. It can be combined with a decoration of gypsum ornamentation or figures, giving the Baroque style.

Beautiful Living room with stone fireplace

Another idea for a classic stone fireplace is the Dutch alpine fireplace. It should have a broad base and a chimney. It is covered with rough stones. The very construction of this classic stone fireplace is a trapeze. The side walls are diagonal and the facade is suitable for villas and houses that rely heavily on heating by the fireplace.

Regardless of which fireplace idea we will choose, it is important that it is well constructed and secure. Fire safety is guaranteed precisely by the stone lining of the fireplace because stone is the material most suitable for any fireplace in the home.

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