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Stem cells can save lives in the future

The decision to store stem cells from the umbilical cord and placenta is entirely made by parents

Stem cells are primary human cells, which can multiply and transform into other types of cells - nerve, bone,, muscle, liver and others. This ability allows medicine to treat with them very hardly treatable diseases.

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Importance of family for toddler

In family the child gets its first knowledge of the outside world

The family is the first factor that influences the course of development. The beginning of the formation and development of the psyche of the child is placed in the family and family environment. The daily regime is one of the important conditions for proper neuro-psychological development of the child. The child's development ...

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Learning to control asthma during pregnancy

Asthma control during pregnancy

It is very important for pregnant women with asthma to be closely monitored. There is no evidence that maternal asthma can lead to congenital malformations in the baby, but there is a risk of premature birth, so pregnant women should be under constant surveillance.

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