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How and Where to Install Your Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is installed plank by plank. Engineered hardwood flooring is relatively new to the market and it is designed to be easier to install. It is generally composed of two layers, a hardwood one on the surface and a thicker plywood one as a core at the bottom.

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Best Anti Aging Foods and Drinks

10 specific foods and drinks with anti-aging effect that will help you fight free radicals. And this will not just improve the way you look, but how you feel. By including some of these foods and drinks in your daily menu, you will undoubtedly feel fresher, healthier and more energetic.

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HydraFacial – improve the appearance of the skin

HydraFacial is a patented in-office skin treatment, similar to microdermabrasion. This is a three step non-invasive procedure that combines deep-cleansing, exfoliation and hydrating the skin. The serums applied to the skin can be tailored to the skin condition in order to help with acne, dryness, and wrinkles.

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