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Painting your home yourself

Pressed by the crisis and lack of funds often we ask ourselves what we can do alone. One thing is painted yourself and your home to refresh. Here’s how it could work:

The first thing you need to do is to free up space as rearrange the furniture and cover them well to keep them from contamination. The most suitable thin nylon that is sold in ironmongery for this purpose because it can be fixed with paper tape and still not to invert in current at the time of latex paint.

An important point is the choice of paint. Latex paints are the most relevant and sought after in the market for sustainable and environmental friendly. They are composed of polymer particles and is incombustible. Have a good hiding and cleaned easily with water. The variety is great. Different manufacturers and various cuts. You should know that the larger the package is, the cheaper out.

After selecting latex comes at an appropriate roller for painting.

Good Bear must take and retain a sufficient amount of paint to cover maximum area at minimal cost. So it is important from what is material and appropriate size. With the – good quality are bears a length of 23-26 cm and 8 cm ÷ F6 coated with textile length napped 5 ÷ 8 mm that with a soak in the paint can cover depending on its viscosity around 1.0 ÷ 1.5 m2. Bear should rotate freely and evenly around its axis without great play.

If thus far wall was a wallpaper that you have removed and painted for the first time must be primed with diluted latex and then make the main cover – usually plotted both hands. Possibility of colors is very large – the most suitable and best color quality are those that are mixed with paint engine as the color can select a proposed catalog. It is possible to do yourself a color using a mixer. Only it should be borne in mind that after the dry wall, the color of the latex is different. To make sure that the color is what you want is good in the beginning to try on the hour from the wall and wait to dry. And once you are happy to paint the entire wall.

If you decide to change the current wall color, it is good to first apply a hand white paint. On her new coverage will stand out more.

Important in latex paint is latex is white when first painted ceiling – two or three hands until receive better coverage and only then proceed to coloring the rest of latex.

If you decide to color the extra amount if you get paint to achieve the same color it is downright impossible. Therefore it is recommended tinting the paint to be in the shop where buying it. If you do decide to tint it yourself, you should know that dried latex wall paint looks different in the box.

A latex paint is best done if the latex primer pass, which you can buy from the store with latex. So the amount of latex that you will need will be less. Mandatory however have to wait for the primer to dry and only then start painting with latex.

You should know that after opening the latex needs a good stirring and often by dilution with a little water. Be careful, however, not dilute it a lot because runs are becoming bubbles and will have to pass more than two hands. At the same time it must be very thick, however, because painted difficult and is likely to begin to brood thereafter. Mix it well to obtain a homogeneous mass.

In latex paint first thing starting a ceiling. Start with a brush rabovetekato take in plenty of latex. This is best done by hand with a brush and you will need a convenient ladder. After you finish the edges, place a teddy debt possibly handle light and evenly paint the ceiling. Drain cub in the pelvis or other shallow container carefully, without shake your. So latex will not run on you and on the floor and you’ll save yourself extra cleaning. Press moderate, not repeat constantly in one place, because layering of paint will start to brood later.

When finished painting the ceiling and dry it well, stick a paper tape where will be the boundary between paint the ceiling and paint the walls. Then proceed in the usual way – with brush – edges, large areas teddy bear. Finally, when completely dry everywhere latex, remove the tape.

It is not difficult, as long as we want ….

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