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Водно подово отопление
За отопление тук служи нагрята вода, която циркулира в тръби

Underfloor heating as an alternative for winter

Underfloor heating has been forgotten in recent years as an alternative, but the reason is probably that the supply in Bulgaria was limited, not because it is more unfortunate option than others. Unlike convection heaters that heat with konvenktsiya in wall and floor heating systems heat is more radiation and radiation – radiation heating.

Upon heating radiators in the room becomes from the bottom up and thus there is a constant motion of the powder and microorganisms from the floor. Uniformity of underfloor heating makes it possible to maintain a constant temperature in the home. Furthermore, in underfloor heating lack air flows silently is clean and antiallergic. Comfort to walk barefoot on the floor in the largest winter frosts not be ignored, and walking barefoot is extremely useful, especially for children.

Many are the advantages of underfloor heating. Generally offer two types of underfloor heating: cable underfloor heating and underfloor heating.

Водно подово отопление
Heating here serves heated water that circulates in the tubes

There is already nanootoplyavashto film which is actually laminated polyethylene film, which has built a thin layer of carbon fiber. These fibers are so connected with copper or silver wire that when voltage passes through them, excite nano-particles, and they turn out infrared radiation. These are highly innovative heating systems with infrared and with them the desired temperature is achieved very quickly and are very economical as an expense.

Отоплително нанофолио
Отоплителното нанофолио може да се монтира на стени, подове и тавани

It should be noted that the long-wave infrared radiation is very suitable option for heating in winter, because it is completely silent, good for health, especially suitable for people suffering from allergies.

If you choose underfloor heating our home we will enjoy great comfort, constant temperature and a sense of comfort. Moreover, the classical heating systems, lead to high difference in humidity, which causes damage to wooden or laminate flooring and furniture. While underfloor heating all indicators of air are constant and moderate and there is no danger of mold in the bathrooms or in rooms with more than one external walls.

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