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Уж безобидното одраскване от Вашето коте, може да създаде големи проблеми
Уж безобидното одраскване от Вашето коте, може да създаде големи проблеми

Cat scratch disease

Disease cat scratch is distributed worldwide, but is rare, about 4 cases per 100,000 population per year.

The disease is a bacterial infection that occurs subacute, i.e. quite long and usually resolves spontaneously. More often ill children and young people observe and family groups.

Source of the disease are domestic cats – mostly young cats and kittens that release bacteria causing the infection, not themselves suffer. The disease is preceded by a scratch or bite of a cat. A few days after the incident, the affected site appears redness and a small bud, which quickly becomes yeast and resembles a boil. The victim has a high fever and severe headache. After a few days ulcer is covered with bark and a few weeks heals completely. About two weeks later comes lymph nodes located near the site of the scratch. They increase, become tight and painful. In some cases, the disease is possible to form and abscesses, which usually heal quickly and do not leave scars.

Basic precaution against the occurrence of the disease are carefully clean and disinfect any wound from a bite or scratch from a cat. In general, do not require special treatment of the disease, except in complications due to immune deficiency, where appropriate antibiotic therapy.

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