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Винаги добре трябва да помислим преди да отидем да ни направят татуировка
Винаги добре трябва да помислим преди да отидем да ни направят татуировка

Tattoos – how dangerous are they?

Fashion is fashion, but you should know that any break in the skin and mucous membrane is related to the possibility of developing skin infections caused mostly by bacteria / staphylococci, streptococci and others. /. The reason for this may be as poor hygiene and use unsterile material in the studio for tattoos and not good level of personal hygiene of people with fresh tattoos. This type of infection are visible risk they occur immediately after the operation and logically connect to it. Without belittling their importance, it should be emphasized that the “invisible” viral infections, some of which prove only after years have been the real danger threatening not only health but also life.

Diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis B and hepatitis C are caused by viruses transmitted through blood, which means that any non-sterile needle prick previously used at the winner of some of the viruses present a risk of infection. It is believed that the risk of hepatitis B is greatest in relation to the large resistance of the virus and the fact that in order to infect a person, it is sufficient minimum amount of 0.00004 ml. blood containing virus. AIDS and hepatitis C is still no vaccine. The American Red Cross, for example, recommended as a preventive measure against these infections to 1 year after made tattoos can not donate blood because it can be dangerous for the person who will be transfused. In practice, this means that anyone who has decided to make her one or more tattoos for a year then you can be sure it is not infected with hepatitis C or AIDS.

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