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Underfloor heating as an alternative for winter

Водно подово отопление

Underfloor heating is very suitable for any home and provides incredible comfort in rooms with constant temperature and humidity and the opportunity to walk calmly barefoot in winter.

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Promotions and wiles of big chains

Promotions in retail chains can be divided into two main groups - the price and non-price. The promotions are the main weapon in a price war among retailers. Pleasant music that we hear when we enter one of the big supermarkets is also one of the tricks.

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What is the tomato exactly?

It is interesting to know that the first tomatoes were only ornamental plants, which were attributed miraculous properties. Tomato is from the lily family. To this family are potatoes, peppers, eggplants, but the poisonous belladonna and datura. For a long time they were not used for food ...

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