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Long hair – how to maintain it beautiful?

Having long hair remains the eternal symbol of femininity. Every woman dreams of having a long and beautiful hair, and no man who does not gape after long-haired beauty.

Good care of your long hair requires much more effort than for short or medium length hair. Even just washing and drying long hair takes a long time. Hair when healthy plants with centimeter – and half a centimeter each month and every woman wants it to be shiny and thick, but to this fact needed constant care for her. If the scalp is low, it applies to hair – it becomes fragile, thinner and loses its luster. The reason for this is the absence of salts such as iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium.

It should know that hair is the surest barometer of the body, indicating the presence or absence of good health.

Medical science has proven that daily consumption of key vitamins such as those from the group of vitamin B can help your hair to become thicker and healthier. Healthy eating very important for hair health, and from there to its beauty. The reason for this is that the hair is made up predominantly of proteins. Healthy eating allows essential nutrients to be absorbed by the body. This will inevitably have a positive effect on hair growth.

Very important for a healthy and long hair are proteins, iron and minerals. If you want to have beautiful hair should eat a diet that is rich in milk and dairy products, peas, cottage cheese and soy. If you drink about 3 liters of water a day, it will help hydration. Coconut water does is rich in minerals. It’s good to include foods rich in iron such as dates. Figs and beets are also very useful for hair. To nourish your hair with all the necessary vitamins and minerals you should eat more green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, papaya and pears. Green tea is also very useful for hair. It happens to have malabsorption due to impaired glycemic index and constipation, although nutritious diet that follow. For this reason, your diet should contain fiber to your gut may be regulated well. It should also know that important for healthy hair, except diets is mental health. In today’s busy, stressful life increasingly common are atopic and autoimmune diseases that inevitably reflect on our hair.

No need to wash your hair daily. Yes purity of hair is an important, but in the long hair, it is not necessary to wash it every day. In fact, many stylists recommend to miss a day, maybe two, and sometimes to avoid the loss of key nutrients. How many days can not miss shows the hair itself, but if it does not allow either day these days that miss use dry shampoo. He will not only cleanse and refresh your hair and will give it volume and density. All you have to do then is to run your fingers through it to give her a nice shaggy appearance. Never comb wet hair long – it leads to the tearing of hair. To comb his hair always choose brushes. It’s good to start from the roots to the end of the hair. This will provide even more volume to your hair. Drying of hair, whether long or short, with hair dryer should be avoided, but if you can not avoid it, then do it with head bowed down. So your hair will become more voluminous when you stand up, because the direction of the air will make you stand differently. This is a very useful trick if you want to attach more density and volume of hair.


  • The wet long hair should be brushed never brush or comb.
  • When you want to untangle your hair, use your fingers.
  • The conditioner, you should use after you’ve washed your hair with shampoo should be protein-based.
  • Always wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Never apply conditioner on the scalp. Do it on your hair – the length of the ears to the ends.
  • Normally woman with long hair to wash every 2-3 days with a nourishing shampoo. Water should be at room temperature, but maybe a little higher.
  • In the days that do not wash their hair, women with dry hair is well inflict only conditioner and rinse it with warm water.
  • It’s nice once a week to massage your scalp with your fingers using nourishing oil. You can use, for example almond oil.
  • Best after you wash it, let your hair dry on its own.
  • Turn your head with a towel as a turban when he droughts. Stay so 5-7 minutes and then gently pat dry.

And remember: Whatever masks and oils to use for your hair, hair eats best when you eat well. It is a mirror of your health. You will have beautiful, healthy and long hair itself if you take care of your health in the best possible way.

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