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Home comfort

Avocado in a pot at home

For lovers of exotic plants, we will say that avocados can be grown at home in a pot. It takes a lot of patience if we decide that we want to raise avocados at home, but it is worthed.

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How to make a decorative pond in the yard?

Decorative pond in the garden is like a mirror in your home

The idea to transform our yard in the most desirable and beautiful place, close to nature, appeals to most of us. Decorative pond in your garden is like a mirror in your home. We introduce a few simple steps and rules for building a pond in your yard.

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Easter decorations for home

Easter decorations for our home

Besides eggs, we love to decorate your entire home, making it more cozy and festive. Easter is celebrated three days, making it one of the most important holidays and the atmosphere at home is very important.

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A passive house – the home of the future

The comfort provided by the passive house is very healthy

Home comfort offered by the passive house, positively affects your health and helps you live longer. Given that we spend half of our entire lives at home, it is not negligible.

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Mold at home – a health hazard

The most important is to prevent the relative humidity of the air in our home from exceeding 75%

One of the mistakes we make is that we start cleaning the mold to fix the aesthetics of the home, instead of going after the causes for the mold appearance.

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Positive energy in our home

Look around your home and throw everything that we think can carry negative energy or interfere with our peace. The home is our castle and it is important to him to feel safe and calm. There is where it is important to amass positive ....

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Underfloor heating as an alternative for winter

Водно подово отопление

Underfloor heating is very suitable for any home and provides incredible comfort in rooms with constant temperature and humidity and the opportunity to walk calmly barefoot in winter.

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