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Being a student in Germany

More Bulgarian candidate students are directed to German universities. Itself application is often associated with headaches and worries. But what happens after they take? Obstacles that students face at the university itself are much more than those in applying

Once you are already a student, you have the right to choose what kind of articles to learn how to specialize according to their personal ambitions and in which professors to attend lectures. Mnogoobrazieto of options is often confronts students with difficult choices.

In the first one to three semesters of study usually goes to t. Pomegranate. “Implementation phase” in the appropriate specialty. Profiling is not until later. This means that if you want to specialize in Management University of Berlin, for example, you must save the business economy. During the first three semesters will study micro- and macroeconomics, corporate law, statistics, finance, etc., And only then will be able to select the desired profiling.

Life in Germany e full of unpleasant surprises and embarrassing situations if you are not aware of the written and unwritten rules. According to recent statistics, students in Germany need an average of 700 euros a month. Of course, it is appropriate to take account of the difference in prices between cities. As the standard of living is significantly high, it is best to find the most inexpensive housing. Students can turn to the corresponding dorms, but it is important to bear in mind that due to the large number of wishing may remain on a waiting list more than half a year. In Germany, pay radio and television fee, but students can save. It just needs to obtain appropriate certificate from the social services. Students enjoy and discounts in museums, in telephone companies and banks.

In general studies is a serious financial challenge. Financing of studies is a serious problem for foreign students. Especially for those who have graduated and would like to remain in employment in Germany – which is meaningful, given that followed here. They have further difficulties because this rule applies to them, and their costs are higher

Three out of four students in Germany work in parallel with, to be able to afford the costs of higher education. Many of them have to work in several places.

In Germany, the university is the most preferred university. In Cologne, for example, teach young people from over 100 different countries. Cologne University is the largest state university in Germany – it taught a total of 43 000 students, at least 10% of whom are foreigners.

Unlike private universities and higher institutes, university research stands in the foreground. In universities teach especially those who want to later engage in research in institutes and private universities do training is closely related to professional life.

The majority of German students are satisfied with the quality of curricula and teaching. A considerable number of students who identify with their chosen specialty.

A major problem in Germany is called. complete anonymity of the halls.

Many students criticized the unsatisfactory contact with teachers. 25 percent of students in German universities never have contact with professors. Almost every second, 48%, only rarely gets in touch with the teacher. Many students know even assistants only from a distance. Two-thirds of the students have never or very rarely have direct contact with the assistants.

Federal Ministry of Education pays vminanie that have already taken measures to improve the teaching and learning situation. By 2020, just under the pact to improve the educational activity in the German universities will be invested two billion euros.

source: DW.DE

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