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Can the air conditioner affect throat and nose?

Air conditioners provide comfort at home, at work or while traveling by car, but you should know that creating a position for a negative impact on the airways. In order to save heat housing is sealed with sealing doors and windows, which prevents the natural exchange of indoor air.

Air conditioners vented only room air, thereby creating a prerequisite for the exchange of bacteria, a continuous cooling of the nasal pharyngeal mucosa and leads to an increased circulation in the upper airways with edema. Appear runny nose, sneezing, sore area of ​​the pharynx. These conditions are particularly pronounced when air conditioners are centralized and adjusted certain low or high temperature.

On cold days of the year, when the air conditioner is used for heating, there is the opposite effect – drying of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract with the appearance of symptoms of dryness of the nasal cavity, and often allergic manifestations. This results in catarrhal and other inflammations. However, in the latest models are incorporated various filters and humidifiers, which absorb part of the bacteria, the risk of cold events is not reduced significantly. It is desirable that the air conditioners can be used intermittently. The body should not be exposed to cold or hot jet emanating from air conditioners. It is advisable to go out and taken plenty of mineral water, fruit juices, vitamins.

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